2000 Yamaha DC2 Grand Piano

Grand Piano

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year 2000
manufacturer Yamaha
model DC2
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 5'8"
id 1669
2000 Yamaha DC2 Grand Piano - Grand Pianos

Built in 2000, this one-owner Yamaha DC2 conservatory player grand piano is absolutely loaded with features, but first things first: this is a great deal on one of Yamaha's best grand pianos, even without the added functionality of the Disklavier system.  

The action is very responsive and capable of a wide range of expression, from your softest pianissimo passages to the most grandiose and boisterous fortissimos. The DC2 measures 5'8" long and will fit into just about any space without overwhelming the room. The polished ebony cabinet shines like it just came out of the box. It is so shiny that it is difficult to take photos of the piano without getting the reflection of the camera (or the photographer) in the picture.

Now that you know the quality of piano we're talking about, let's examine all of the fun features this piano has to offer! 

1. PLAYER PIANO: It has a factory installed Disklavier player system that plays the piano, complete with full background accompaniment...and vocals, too. The Disklavier will play both CDs and 3.5" floppy disks, providing you with thousands of songs to choose from. Jazz, Pop, Christmas, Rock, Classical, Musicals, etc.

2. RECORD YOUR MUSIC: Yes, this system will easily allow you to record your performance and play it back. You can record your kids (or grandkids) playing the piano and enjoy their music anytime in the future! This is a really nice treat. When you play the music back, you can slow it down, speed it up, change keys, etc. If you are having a difficult time learning a particular piece of music, you can record the left hand and have the piano play it back....while playing along with your right hand. If you need to practice slowly, you can slow the passage down on the recording.  Pretty cool.

3. SILENT FEATURE: If you need to practice but someone is in the same room (watching TV, practicing clarinet, or chatting with their boyfriend on the phone), you can put on your headphones and push a button....and your piano is now silent outside of the headphones! BUT, inside your headphones you can be playing piano, strings, woodwinds, guitars, etc. It utilizes all of the sounds from the on-board sound module and allows you to now play them through your headphones.

4. SMART KEY: This feature allows someone who has never played a piano before to be a part of the music! The Smart Key will slightly depress a key (telling you what note to play) just before that note is needed in the song, then the piano plays along with you. This is a simple way to get a youngster excited about playing the piano!

That covers the bulk of the main features on the piano, but there are so many other things it will do it is impossible to cover them all here. You really just need to come play this piano to get the full effect!

Given all of the options and features included with this instrument, it isn't difficult to guess that this piano is kind of spendy. For comparison, the current replacement of this model lists for $62,999 (OUCH). Never fear, when you shop at Mid-America Piano, you won't have to tap into your retirement funds to get a quality piano with all of the exciting gadgets!

Our friendly Midwest prices allow you to enjoy the best instruments available and still have plenty of money left over to go on vacation, buy your bass boat, pay your kids' tuition....or whatever. Give us a call at 1-800-950-3774 and we'll add you to our long list of happy customers! Don't procrastinate, this piano won't stay in our showroom very long.


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"Mid-America Piano had 10-12 pianos in the style I was interested in! No other dealer had that many samples on the floor to be played the same day. It really made the difference for me."

Marcia Higginson

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