1996 Yamaha Disklavier baby grand

Grand Piano

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year 1996
manufacturer Yamaha
model DGH1B Disklavier
finish Satin
color/wood Ebony
size 5'3"
id 1982
1996 Yamaha Disklavier baby grand - Grand Pianos

Now you can have a SUPER FUN, factory-installed Disklavier player piano in your living room for pennies on the dollar! 

This 1996 Yamaha DGH1 baby grand is 5'3" long and an extremely clean, traditional satin ebony cabinet. The piano will play all kinds of music for you and you can even record your favorite songs (or your grandkids' recitals) on it....and play them back later! During playback mode, you can change the tempo of the recording, change keys (maybe you want to sing the song in a lower key?), make it louder or softer, etc. 

The mechanics and cabinet on this piano are in beautiful condition. No chips, scrapes or major dings. The hammers aren't worn out and the strings are still nice and shiny. The piano looks like it is 5 years old. 

GET THIS: the cheapest new 5'3" Yamaha grand you can currently get lists for $23,999 without a player system! The least expensive new 5'3" Yamaha Disklavier grand currently lists for $39,549. Granted, there are a few upgrades to the player system, but you can still enjoy the main functions of a player grand piano (including recording!) on this piano for about 1/4 the price! Hmmmmmm. Or restated, for less than half the price of a new 5'3" Yamaha grand (with no Disklavier), you can own a Yamaha Disklavier baby grand piano.

Honestly, this isn't a very difficult decision. Give us a call. We'll put a big smile on your face!


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