1991 Kawai GS60 grand with PianoDisc player

Grand Piano

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year 1991
manufacturer Kawai
model GS-60 Grand Piano
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 6'9"
id 2420
1991 Kawai GS60 grand with PianoDisc player - Grand Pianos

Here's a POWERHOUSE of a piano complete with a PianoDisc player system! 

At 6'9" in length, this conservatory-sized Kawai GS-60 grand is capable of filling a large room with robust sound. We have included several photos of this piano for your consideration and you will notice that it is in very, very nice condition both inside and out! We have cleaned and detailed the entire piano, tuned it up and it's just waiting for you to enjoy it!

As an added bonus, there is a PianoDisc player system included. It will play 3.5" disks, of which there are several. So, when you feel like throwing a party and letting the piano play itself, your guests will be mesmerized as they watch the piano "doing its thing". People are fascinated with these and ask all kinds of questions like "How can they DO that", "Where do they hide the monkey", etc. Folks just stand around a smile when they see and hear these player pianos.....and they are so much more versatile than the old roll-style players. 

For comparison purposes, a new 6'7" Kawai lists for over $66K without a player system....and their 7' model lists for over $74K. This GS60 measures 6'9", so it would probably list somewhere in the $68K range if it were new. After adding a player system (which are easily $5K to $8K), you'd be looking at over $70K. Granted, this isn't the latest and greatest new player system, but it does get the job done and will WOW your friends! 

For under $20K, you can have the quality of piano that will make many pianists jealous (not that this is our goal). When you can drive a pristine, low-mileage (loaded) Corvette for the price of a new, stripped down Malibu.....which would you rather have?

We try to help make your decision simple.



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"You beat everyone's price and have friendly, warm service. Thanks, the piano is wonderful!"

Ken Davidson

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