1982 Kawai US50 professional upright

Professional Upright Piano

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year 1982
manufacturer Kawai
model US 50 Professional Upright
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 52"
id 2499
1982 Kawai US50 professional upright - Upright - Professional Pianos

Here is a rock-solid 52" Kawai professional upright piano that just came in and is ready for its new home! Manufactured in 1982, it has a few years on it....but the condition of the hammers, strings and other critical components are so good that this piano should easily last you another 40 to 60 years!

This piano has the large music rack that is completely separate from the keycover. It is longer, is more forward-backward adjustable, and can hold more music than the skinny little slats of wood on most other professional uprights. This type of rack is rarely found on any piano other than the very "top-end" professional uprights. The racks on most other professional uprights are incorporated into the keycover and must be flipped up before closing the keycover; otherwise, the keys get jammed down and/or the skinny slat (music rack) gets damaged. There is a huge difference between the two styles. Also, the independent keycover (fallboard) on this piano has a lock on it. 

The soundboard on this piano is massive and the strings are as long as you'll find in a vertical piano, allowing for a tone quantity and quality typically found only in a grand piano. If you are looking for a grand piano sound in a vertical cabinet, then this is the right piano for you!

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"Selection of used pianos that weren't 'beat-up' was the best I've seen in Northeast Kansas. We're very pleased with your service!"

Jayme Burdiek

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