1989 Kawai 52 inch professional upright

Professional Upright Piano

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year 1989
manufacturer Kawai
model US-75 Professional Upright
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 52"
id 2567
1989 Kawai 52 inch professional upright - Upright - Professional Pianos


Holy smokes, does this thing ever play and sound wonderful!! You would swear you were sitting at a grand piano when you play this 52" Kawai professional upright. It has a massive soundboard and l. o. n. g. strings, providing everything it needs to fill up your room with beautiful music.

This Kawai has a music desk that is entirely separate from the keycover. This is a major bonus and something you rarely find except in the very top-of-the-line models. Most other professional uprights have a squirrely little slat of wood that flips down to put your music on. You can't put much music on them and they are (at best) inconvenient. When you go to close them, you have to flip up the slat of wood or it gets jammed into the keys when it closes. Not the best design at all. You DO NOT have these issues with this piano!!! The music rack is BIG and it adjusts at different angles so you can put your music where you want it. The fallboard (keycover) locks....just in case there are times when you need to keep curious fingers off of the keys.

Please check out the photos and notice the huge support posts in the back. When you realize a piano has about 20 TONS of tension on it when properly tuned to A-440 concert pitch, it is prudent to have massive beams to help keep the piano's tuning as stable as possible. These are a bit "overkill".....but they are great insurance and provide your piano with the best odds of staying in tune.

Now, the latest and greatest Kawai professional upright that is most similar to this lists for a whopping $24,995. Yes, that is correct. It is 1 (one) single inch taller.....but about triple the price of this "like new" piano. You can look all over the country and not find a cleaner, nicer, better-sounding piano than this. 

We are guessing the first person who plays this piano (and wants a grand piano sound for pennies on the dollar) will end up asking us to deliver this to them. We think this person should be YOU. Please give us a call at 800-950-3774.

You will not be disappointed in this piano. 



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"RW was very helpful and patient. There was no pressure to buy. He was willing to show me everything they had. I have never owned or played a piano before. The store owner, Dan, played the pianos i was interested in to help me compare. The store was very accommodating with delivery. They even called me a day early to tell me a storm was coming and offered to deliver a day early. I took them up on the offer. Dan even came with the delivery truck to personally make sure everything was level on my hundred year old floors."

Patricia Keefe

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