1982 American walnut Everett console

Console Piano

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$7,699.00 (comparable new)


year 1982
manufacturer Everett
model Piano
finish Satin
color/wood Walnut
size 43"
id 2609
1982 American walnut Everett console - Upright - Console Pianos

Built by Yamaha in their South Haven, Michigan factory in 1982 under the Everett brand name, this piano is one rock-solid instrument! It is made of lumber core construction rather than a bunch of plywood or chipboard...like many of today's pianos.

The soundboard is solid Sitka spruce, which is highly desired and found in many of the finest pianos built. Sitka spruce is very resonant and produces a beautiful tone. The massive support posts on the back of the piano are about twice the size of pianos currently being built. When a piano is tuned to A440 standard pitch, there is around 10 TONS of pressure exerted on the structure of the piano. These huge support posts help ensure the piano's tuning stability. Additionally, check out the pic of the pinblock....15 (FIFTEEN) ply hard rock maple! When you pound a tuning pin into there, it really isn't going to move much unless you crank down on the tuning pin with your tuning hammer.

This piano was designed and constructed to be an instrument that will hold up to a nuclear attack. Just kidding. But it IS built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and adverse humidity conditions. If there is a piano that will hang in there when the going gets tough, this piano is capable of it.

You also get a very sturdy, matching duet bench with this piano....the whole enchilada! Ok, I am making myself hungry now. 

Don't sacrifice high quality for a new piano built with sawdust and glue. You can save a big pile of $$$ on this fine piano and it will most likely outlive a majority of new pianos that are 3 to 5 times the price. We can say this with confidence, as we've been doing this gig for 35+ years and have seen about everything.

The ball is in your court. See ya soon!


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"You beat everyone's price and have friendly, warm service. Thanks, the piano is wonderful!"

Ken Davidson

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