2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3

Grand Piano

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year 2000
manufacturer Yamaha
model DC2
finish Polished
color/wood Ivory
size 5'8"
id 1704
2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos
2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos 2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos 2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos 2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos 2000 Yamaha DC2 Player Grand, Mark3 - Grand Pianos

Are you looking for a stunning centerpiece for your living room? If so, you can end your search here at this used Yamaha grand piano!

You aren't going to find too many pianos like this Yamaha DC2 player grand. Built in 2000, this high-end C series Yamaha is barely old enough to drive, and has been extremely well maintained. The beautiful polished ivory finish is without flaw, and the player system has been sparingly used, leaving the strings and hammers in immaculate condition.

Speaking of the player system, this Yamaha Disklavier piano does it all! From classical pianos pieces to Big Band songs with lots of accompaniment, this piano will play all of your favorites (Jazz, Country, Pop, Rock, Musicals & more) with the push of a button. Not only that, it's also equipped to record, so you can save performances to share with friends and family! You can even speed up or slow down your recordings. Record your left hand, let the piano play it while you practice your right hand with it. Slower at first, then bring the tempo up to speed. What a very handy feature. If only I'd had this option when I played four-hand concertos back in the 8th grade. I could have actually heard how the whole thing was going to come together!

Another option you'll appreciate on this piano is the Silent Feature. It allows you to push one little button and enjoy the piano through headphones!! You can access all kinds of other sounds (woodwinds, brass, strings, etc) and layer them with the piano....this baby is LOADED with all of the goodies.

On a new piano, a system like this alone will cost nearly what you're getting the whole package for here. At Mid-America Piano, you can save tens of thousands of dollars and enjoy one of Yamaha's nicest baby grand pianos with a fully-featured player system.

We include free delivery within 100 miles, one complimentary tuning in your home, and we always provide friendly customer service.  Please give us a call at 1-800-950-3774....we look forward to serving you!

P.S. I have a polished ivory grand at home. My wife loves it...because it doesn't show the dust. :) Drive your shiny black car down a gravel road and it will look filthy. Drive a white car down the same dirt road. It will be dirty, but it doesn't look nearly as bad. Just an added perk to this Yamaha player piano.



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"You beat everyone's price and have friendly, warm service. Thanks, the piano is wonderful!"

Ken Davidson

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