Why Choose Mid-America Piano?


Our Low Operating Expenses Mean Huge Savings to You!

Our prices are among the lowest in the industry. How do we do it? Quite simply.  We keep our expenses at a minimum by not having a big store in a metropolitan area.  True, you might have to travel a bit to visit our new & cozy 2,500 square foot showroom in Manhattan, Kansas... but your trip here will be well worth your time. Check out our piano online store to see ourhand-picked selection of pianos. Thousands of happy customers from around the country are our best advertisement. Try us and you will like us, too!


We have been specializing in quality pre-owned pianos since our store opened in 1986 and we continue to cater to customers who want dependable instruments but don't want to break the bank doing it. 

Centrally Located in the U.S.

It doesn't matter where you live....we are no more than halfway across the country! We are (almost exactly) in the center of the U.S., making shipment to all parts of the country convenient. You may think it isn't worth shopping for your spinet or console piano several states away, but we often can "piggyback" three or four deliveries and still save you a good deal of money! Furthermore, you will find our selection hard to beat. When it comes to grand pianos, you definitely need to check us out! Our piano shop online has a vast array of fine quality grands and we can usually save you thousands of dollars on your purchase. 


Concerned about the distance? We will pay up to $250 of your travel expenses through our Hospitality Program when you visit our store from out of state! Hey, you aren't going to buy too many pianos in your lifetime, you might as well get the right one when it is time!

Vintage, Rare and Late-Model Steinways

If you have been waiting your whole life for a Steinway grand, you need to know about us! We have everything from "AS IS" Steinways (older ones that are playable, very affordable, but may need a little TLC), we have restored Steinways in a variety of styles and sizes, and we usually have a few late model Steinways around.  If you want a Steinway of a particular year, style, model or finish....please call us at 1-800-950-3774.  We will find your piano if we don't already have it in stock!


Simply stated, at Mid-America Piano, we offer the highest possible quality at the lowest cost.


Our Specialty: Affordable, High-Quality, Pre-Loved Pianos

From our lowest priced beginner pianos, to our most exotic, heirloom-quality Steinways, every piano is cleaned, tuned and prepped for its new home. We may not put the same attention into a $688 spinet piano as we do an $80,000 rebuilt Steinway; however, we do make certain that every instrument is playable and functional before it leaves our store.

Many dealers take used pianos in on trade and just stick a price tag on them and turn around and resell them with little (if any) prep work at all. We thoroughly clean, repair and tune every used piano we sell. If a piano has cosmetic damage, we fix it. If it needs a new string, a new keytop, a bench, or whatever......we see to it that your piano will be a quality, useful instrument when it arrives at your home.


"Mid-America Piano had 10-12 pianos in the style I was interested in! No other dealer had that many samples on the floor to be played the same day. It really made the difference for me."

Marcia Higginson

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