2000 Yamaha MK1Z Disklavier professional upright

Professional Upright Piano

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year 2000
manufacturer Yamaha
model MX1Z Professional Upright
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 48"
id 2458
2000 Yamaha MK1Z Disklavier professional upright - Upright - Professional Pianos


Built in 2000, this Yamaha MK1Z 48" Disklavier has all of the goodies!

First of all, it is a 48" professional upright so you are getting an instrument with a wonderful tone quality and smooth, silky action. At 2,137 square inches of spruce soundboard area, this piano has a larger soundboard than some baby grands (which is why it has such a beautiful tone).

Next, this piano has a Yamaha factory-installed Disklavier player system. You don't have to pump the pedals like you used to on those old player pianos. You just push the button on your remote and the piano starts playing all by itself, complete with full background accompaniment! Yep, the band/orchestra comes right along with the piano. You get the flutes and trumpets, the harmonica and the accordian, the drums and the guitars....whatever instrument was recorded in the background, you will hear it playing. Pretty fun!

Let's say your grandkids come over for the weekend and you'd really like to save their recital piece to listen to down the road. NO PROBLEM! Push the record button and the piano will record what they play. Seriously. Then, next Tuesday, when you are watching reruns on TV and would really like to listen to your grandkids....VOILA! Push the "Play" button and the keys start moving and it is just like they are there playing your piano (but you don't need to feed them). 

Another benefit of the record feature is that it's a wonderful practice tool. When you are working on difficult passages,  you can record one hand and then have the piano play it back while you practice the other hand! You can even slow down or speed up the recording so you can practice faster or slower. Most folks don't think of this being such a useful tool, but it is kinda like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. It is a bit difficult to do. When your right hand is playing triplets and your left is playing quarter notes, you may be able to play each hand individually....but it is hard to play them together up to speed. With the record feature, you can record the triplets and have the piano play it back while you practice the quarter notes. Speed it up a bit and keep practicing until you get it down. Trust us, you'll love this feature as the level of difficulty in your music increases!

Another feature is the soft-close fallboard (keycover). The fallboard will gently close so little fingers don't get pinched. This is great if you have younger children who are enjoying the piano with you. They get curious and want to play the piano, too. You don't want them to hurt their fingers (or your piano) by slamming the fallboard down. 

Finally, there is one other benefit of investing in this piano at Mid-America Piano...and it is a significant benefit! These pianos list for over $25thousand new. You can own this crazy-fun instrument for under half that when you shop at Mid-America Piano! 

We go to extreme lengths to find pianos like this so you can enjoy some of the finest instruments available at ridiculous savings. Please take advantage of our effort.



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"My Yamaha P202 studio piano was delivered to Texas. The piano looks and sounds beautiful, just as described on the website. The delivery was quick and smooth, and Dan Murphy is friendly and easy to work with. Mid-America Piano is tops. "

Margaret Koranek

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