2010 Yamaha C7 conservatory grand piano

Grand Piano

sale price


$44,888.00 (our price)

$82,999.00 (comparable new)


year 2010
manufacturer Yamaha
model C7
finish Polished
color/wood Ebony
size 7'6"
id 2767
2010 Yamaha C7 conservatory grand piano - Grand Pianos


We have sold MANY Yamaha C7 conservatory grand pianos during our 36 years in business, and this one stands out from the rest. Built very recently in 2010, this magnificent 7'6" grand is about as new as you'll find in a "used" piano. 

The high-polished ebony cabinet is in beautiful condition and will look great on any stage with lots of spotlights on it. No apologies needed for this piano. The Bosendorfer-colored "bronzish" plate is snazzy and really makes a statement, too. The strings shine like new, the keys are nice and white, and the brass hardware still has lots of lustre. There's a matching, adjustable bench as well.

The action is perfect. All hammers, dampers, wippens, shanks, flanges, backchecks, etc are flawless. This piano should give you another easy 60 to 80 years, and could reasonably provide 100 more years of music before needing any restoration. It really depends on how it is taken care of and how much hard use it receives. 

There is a big (double sized) Dampp-Chaser system on the piano, which was put on when new....so the humidity has been constantly monitored, assuring the piano will provide optimum performance and continue to serve you for many decades down the road. 

By the way, this piano was built for the U.S. market and is NOT a "gray market" Yamaha. There are quite a few big Yamaha grands built for Asia (or other markets outside the U.S.) that eventually "migrate" here, and Yamaha Music USA does not provide product support for them. You can Google "gray market Yamaha pianos" if you're curious.

This piano is an absolute POWERHOUSE....you should hear it!  The bass just thunders as the treble sings. When you sit down at this world-class instrument, it is difficult to pull yourself away. It is positively a delight to play and features a fluid, responsive action and massive dynamic range. 

If you have a large church, big school auditorium, recording studio, big living room, or a stage that calls for a piano capable of attracting the best artists.....look no further. This is simply an instrument like very few others. 

A new Yamaha C7X lists for nearly $83,000. It would be hard to differentiate between this piano and a new one....except for the fact it is LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE! 

Don't ponder too long on this piano. If you have the need and the right spot for a high-quality grand, please give us a call today at 785-537-3774. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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"RW was very helpful and patient. There was no pressure to buy. He was willing to show me everything they had. I have never owned or played a piano before. The store owner, Dan, played the pianos i was interested in to help me compare. The store was very accommodating with delivery. They even called me a day early to tell me a storm was coming and offered to deliver a day early. I took them up on the offer. Dan even came with the delivery truck to personally make sure everything was level on my hundred year old floors."

Patricia Keefe

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