Lowrey A6000 Imperial organ, cherry


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$12,888.00 (our price)

$85,000.00 (comparable new)

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manufacturer Lowrey
model A6000 Imperial
finish Satin
color/wood Cherry
id 2844
Lowrey A6000 Imperial organ, cherry - Organ Pianos

Just when you thought you'd seen it all....here comes the "Made in the USA" Lowrey A6000 Imperial organ! 

It might be easier to tell you what this instrument can't do. It will not take out the garbage or wash your dishes.  It will not fold your clothes or scoop your snow. 

So, what WILL it do and how much fun can you have on this thing? It is absolutely LOADED with 6,460 presets including 5,280 rhythm presets, 850 song presets, and more. The intros and endings for the song presets will "knock your socks off"!! You can sit all day just pushing buttons and this machine will make you smile until your face hurts. Try playing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to some funky rhythm. You can play a very simple song to a wild rhythm and make you sound like a million bucks! Really, this Imperial is simply too much fun to be legal.

How about this? 15 (FIFTEEN) speakers in the cabinet and 7 (yes, SEVEN more) in the bench! Please check out the pics of the bench...it is crazy. Drawers on each end for your mic & headphones, music, etc. A long, plush, upholstered (super comfy) bench as well as an adjustable backrest! Hey, you may end up taking your afternoon nap on the bench if you're not careful.

The huge touch screen is FULL COLOR and is touch sensitive and makes it easy to figure out what you are doing. There are two lighted music racks to accommodate folks with good eyes, bifocals, trifocals, etc. The rolltop cabinet can be closed when you don't want your grandkids or the cat interfering with anything. And heaven knows you don't want your spouse practicing on it and having more fun than you!!

You can record to CD (even vocals!)...so here's your big chance to get famous if you aren't already. Just for fun, you can record yourself playing "Happy Birthday" and a few of your friend's, child's, or grandchild's favorite songs.....then talk into the mic and create a special birthday greeting they will never forget! Your creativity is the only thing that might limit you on this fantastic instrument. Once it is in your home (and you wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea) you just go plop in a CD, start recording, and VOILA!! 

There is a USB/thumb drive, a high quality microphone, a set of headphones and more. A Lowrey Songbook is included along with the original Owner's Manual, too.

The 25-note pedalboard is lighted and you have two full 61-note keyboards that have lighted "ABCs" above the notes if you need them. If you don't, you can shut them off. 

There are more sounds, rhythms, and goodies on this instrument than a person can describe. You will just keep finding more and more and more fun stuff!! It would be difficult to find everything this machine can do. It is like going to a really big art museum and trying to take it all in in an hour. It just isn't possible. Then you find a big painting (like George Washington Crossing the Delaware) and you keep finding more detail that you missed at first glance. Then you spend an hour staring at it and you realize there are hundreds of other paintings and you haven't even really got started in your adventure. The nice thing is, once this Lowrey Imperial is nestled into your home, you can sit down and have fun on it whenever and however long you'd like!! In the middle of the night (and yes, there are headphones), in the early morning, all day long, after dinner, just before the 10 o'clock news....and start all over again. There is nothing stopping you from making music and having the time of your life.

Oh, by the way, there is an "Applause" button you can push when you don't have an audience. Yes, it is okay to clap for yourself. You deserve to smile and enjoy life every once in awhile.

This model listed for between $80K and $122K new, depending on what part of the country you live in. When you shop at Mid-America Piano, you can get the very best for just a smidgen of that price. Literally, cents on the dollar. These don't come in often ...so call us today at 785-537-3774 and get your name on this baby.

We look forward to watching your face light up when we roll this magnificent instrument into your home!


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